Help Finding the Right Commercial Mortgage

Dealing with commercial mortgage are not quite the same as residential mortgages. When your goal is to secure commercial property, we will make sure that you understand exactly how the financing works.

Here are a few of the most common reasons that clients seek out this particular kind of financing arrangement:

  • Purchase property and buildings for a new business venture
  • Additional property to expand an existing operation
  • Utilizing the equity in a currently owned property
  • Refinancing to lock in more advantageous rates and repayment terms
  • Funding a product launch or new advertising campaign

With lenders who specialize in providing loans to various kinds of businesses, our team can find the right approach for financing small and large operations like:

  • Local coffee shops, mom and pop bakeries, and local auto body shops
  • Commercial office buildings, hotels, and large restaurants
  • Large companies with multiple sales, manufacturing, and distribution centers
  • Loan amount can range all the way to $10,000,000.

Starting the Journey

The first step on commercial mortgage focuses on analyzing the terms of the purchase and identifying financing options that are a good fit for the client. That includes seeking the lowest mortgage rates coupled with the best terms. Before anything else is done, we want you to have a complete understanding about the mortgage rates, how the amortization period will work, and even any other fees and charges that would apply.

Walking the Client through the Process

First time clients receive guidance that helps with understanding how to select an offer. The broker will:

  • Explain the mechanics of commercial mortgages and how they differ from residential mortgage
  • Go over how a down payment can make an impact on loan offers
  • Discuss the different ways to structure an interest rate
  • Help the client any fees and charges that are related to the loan.
  • For customers who have expertise in evaluating the terms of commercial mortgages, we’ll combine your knowledge with ours. Together, we will explore all the different scenarios that apply with the application process, obtaining approvals, and even what must occur as part of the closing.

Of the many reasons that you need a good commercial mortgage for, some are as follows:

  • Purchase land or building
  • Construction of occupied premises
  • Expansion of a building
  • Equity take-out
  • Refinance of an existing mortgage
  • We Get All Situations Approved
  • Commercial, Industrial
  • Car Wash, Auto Body Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Motels and more
  • Amounts varying from $100,000 to $10,000,000
  • Seasonally adjusted payments
  • Flexible payment plans available